Monday, October 24, 2011

Salmon Falls Watershed Workshops announced

“Your Land, CLEAN WATER, Your Legacy" 

A panel of local landowners, foresters, and staff from state and local conservation organizations will discuss practices that can protect the water quality of the Salmon Falls Watershed and the types of financial and technical assistance programs that are available to implement them.

Join us for one of 3 workshops being offerred in the Salmon Falls Watershed.

November 7th, 6:00pm at the Governor's Inn in Rochester, NH (please register at

November 16th, 6:oopm at Noble High School in N. Berwick, ME (no registration required)

December 7th, 6:oopm at the Acton Town Hall, Acton ,ME  (no registration required)

Come learn how communities and landowners can work together to protect water quality and other key natural resources to keep the Salmon Falls River Watershed healthy, vibrant, and economically viable.  Hear how you can contribute through voluntary measures such as forest management plans, conservation easements and more.  Find out about the financial and technical assistance that is available to help implement these measures.

The Salmon Falls Watershed was recently identified by the US Forest Service as the watershed most at risk in the US to suffer a reduction in water quality due to land development within the next twenty years.  A watershed is a region where all runoff flows into the same major waterway, such as the Salmon Falls River.  Some pristine head water lakes of the Salmon Falls River already show declining water quality and the river itself has shown signs of stress for several decades. The risk for the future is that thousands of acres of working farms and forest land could be converted to development, with more negative impacts on water quality, local tourism, property values, and the regional economy.

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